Many thanks to the people who made/are making this event possible:

Little spokes in big wheel
Dr. Jen Allanson Panellist
Professor Alan Dix Panellist
Brains DJ, NW
Rob Gear DJ, London
Stewart Kember Webcam Techie, ART CELS Technophile
Tom Lloyd, Josh & Linda ART CELS digital projections & techno decorations
Dr. Simon Lock ART CELS MC & Technophile
Chris Needham Lancaster Uni support
Taylor Nuttall Folly Director, ART CELS MC
Fiona O'Neill Panellist
J.Martin Pedersen Panellist, Event Organizer
Peter Phillips Website/Technical Support, ART CELS Technophile
Hester Reeve Folly event Co-ordinator & Performance Artist
Steven Lee Roberts Dprogram videographer, filming the events
Paula Robinson & Amy Doggett Lancaster Uni support
Jennifer G. Sheridan Event Organizer, Website Designer
Lora Yeates Folly event Organizer
Big spokes in little wheel
Lancaster Cybernetics Group The Meeting of Minds
Folly For use of their space & artists
Carleton Catering For providing the bar at ART CELS
Lee Engineering Kevin & crew for lighting and sound
Lingwood Security Providing staff for ART CELS
Town Hall For use during ART CELS
xybernaut Francis Davis for use of xybernaut wearable computers for the ART CELS party