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Fiona O'Neill. BSc, PGCE, MA.

Professionally I am a performative educator or Storyteller; working formally and informally in education for almost twenty years, in numerous ways and settings, with people of all ages and backgrounds.

I am now becoming an academic mis-fit. With a background in the biological sciences - anthropogenesis and primatology, and a Masters in science and technology studies, I'm now working on my research PhD in interdisciplinary bioethics/ applied philosophy, at IEPPP, Lancaster University.

For this, my interests have focus on: Body[s] and Belonging[s] in the future-present of spare part medicine. Exploring how we might accommodate to and e/merge with intimate biotechnologies - dialysis, prosthetics, tissue grafts, genes. Thus, questioning conceptions of tekhnologia, the human and the cyborg; so as to make a contribution to the new biotechnologies debates.


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