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Emails are being accepted from Performance Artists, including theater, dance, technologists & musicians, who are interested in performing at the Art Cels Performance Party on Friday, May 10th, 2002 (8pm - 1am) @ the Town Hall in Lancaster, UK.

Art Cels Performance Party, organized by the Cybernetics Group and sponsored by the Computing Department @ Lancaster University, is the final event in the three-day celebration of Stelarc's visit to Lancaster. Stelarc will be our honored guest at the party.

The Computing Department, with the help of Folly, hopes that Art Cels will bring together local artists and technologists to discuss the future of computing and performance art in human-machine communication. With this in mind, Art Cels hopes to attract artists who are interested in exploring human-computer communication using various performance techniques. As well, we invite technophiles to display their wares during the event.


The Venue

The event will be held at Lancaster's Town Hall in the Ashton Hall, a magnificent historic building in the heart of the town. The hall can accommodate 600 people, has vaulted ceilings, dressing rooms, a balcony (for 200), a large stage and plenty of room for mingling, sitting, dancing. See Venue images here.

As well as having some confirmed artists performing, this is an open stage event. We will set up several side stages to encourage anyone who attends the event to perform. Artists may perform, dance, sing anywhere in the Hall.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.



The venue will provide a DJ, stage, an (internal) network of webcams, lighting and sound. However, because of the fragile ceilings, sound will be restricted to lower decibels (note that this is still quite loud, re: loud enough to accommodate a 40 piece marching band).



All people and artwork must be out of the building by 2am so please consider how long it will take to tear down your work.

Since this is a licensed event, only those who are over the age of 18 may attend.

Participants may not use smoke machines, helium baloons, or pyrotechnics (although smoking will be allowed indoors).

Only non-combustable or flame-retarted materials please.


Submitting Email

Artists may show up to the event without submitting an email since this is an open stage event. However, since the Town Hall requires that we submit a list of special requirements, props and electrical equipment 2 weeks prior to the event, we must have your equipment listed if you wish to perform! Therefore, we strongly suggests that you submit an email.

Those who submit emails will have access to the venue during the day, before the event.

Since this is a licensed event, applicants must be 18 years of age and older. Applicants are to submit an email with the following information:

  • Your name, email addy, phone number(s)
  • Title of your work
  • Affiliated University, Company, Centre or Organization
  • The nature of your work
  • Equipment, props, drapery, costumes, etc. that you will be bringing. For electrical equipment, evidence that it has been tested in the last twelve months (supply date)
  • Short bio about yourself.

You may submit more than one email. Submit your email to:Jennifer Sheridan