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Stelarc discusses his current and past work with local artists.
Where: Folly, 24 Castle St., Lancaster
When: Friday, May 10th, 2002 @ 2pm
Cost: Free. Open to artists and art students but seating is limited to 35. To reserve your seat, please email Hester Reeve.
Info: Visit the Folly website @
Folly is delighted to offer a unique opportunity for practicing performance/live artists to enter into discussion with leading light of the international performance art arena, Stelarc. Artists will have the opportunity to meet the artist and debate issues of interest relating to performance and the human-machine interface. It is hoped that this forum will be participant led to ensure performance artists take away as much out of the meeting as possible. The forum will be chaired by Hester Reeve - a Lancaster-based live artist and lecturer in Art Theory (Cumbria College of Art & Design, Sheffield Hallam University).

Participants are encouraged to visit Stelarc's work at: The event is free but booking is essential since numbers are restricted to 35. You can book a space by contacting Hester Reeve on: Hester Reeve

Possible subjects of discussion include:

  • How can technologies encourage the poem of artistic communication/how can performance art encourage the poem of technological innovation?
  • Do we need to make a distinction between 'meat' and 'machine' - how does machine (seen here as body extension rather than a discreet tool) perform and is such a performance based in expression/communication?
  • Stelarc's site announces "The body is obsolete" but does performance art's distinctive communicative strength (and often the urgency of its origination as "body-art) lay in its location/emanation from a physical body labouring itself/its consciousness in real-time and real-space?
  • What is a 'body' in 'post-human evolution' and "should" contemporary performance artists know what such terminology means!
  • And more practically how hard is it for artists to get a working understanding of the types of technology that Stelarc uses/what models of practice exist for artists and computer scientists to collaborate and how easily do these skill areas merge in practice?

FOLLY BACKGROUND: Folly is a new media arts organisation based in Lancaster, UK. We host two gallery exhibition spaces in our main site, and also exhibitions located in public spaces. Folly uses the Internet to host projects such as LDAF and Unencoded as well as working closely with local artists, photographers, video makers and digital artists to develop a range of projects and artist led initiatives.