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A Performance Art party organized by Lancaster Uni's Cybernetics group and Folly in honor of our distinguished guest, Stelarc.

The Computing Department, with the help of Folly, hopes that Art Cels will bring together local artists and technologists to discuss (and display!) the future of computing and performance art in human-machine communication.

With this in mind, Art Cels hopes to attract artists who are interested in exploring human-machine communication using various performance techniques. As well, we invite technophiles to display their wares during the event. However, we note that you should provide us with a list of the equipment that you intend to bring (see Open Call).

Where: Ashton Hall, Lancaster Town Hall (entrance on George Street). Wheelchair access.
When: Friday, May 10th, 2002. Doors open at 8pm. Extension until 1am.
Cost: £5 Reserve Your Tickets Here. Maximum 500 people. Licensed event (18+ only).