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Kirlian Table
The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal hosted an event to mark the 60th anniversary of the ending of World War II. The exhibition “Evidence” Local people were invited to bring along their own recollections of the war as well as 1940s memorabilia from gas masks to ration books. BigDog Interactive installed the Kirlian Table as part of the exhibition. The Kirlian Table allowed visitors to create digital live art by arranging war time memorabilia. Kirlian Table is inspired by the images found in Kirlian Photography. The table allows you to see the psychic aura of people and objects interacting with the table. The longer an object is present on the table, the more psychic energy is stored in the table and the more intense the psychic aura. Should you remove the object, the psychic aura lingers and slowly dissipates.

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